We offer refrigeration design for all industries.  Our engineers have many years in the construction and engineering for many types of industrial processes.  We focus on industrial refrigeration for the food industry.  This includes refrigerated public storage facilities, grocery distribution facilities, foodservice distribution facilities, fruit and vegetable storage and distribution facilities, milk, butter and cheese processing facilities, beverage processing facilities, turkey and chicken processing facilities, meat cutting facilities and a whole host of prepared food processing facilities covering the food spectrum.  We have engineered systems for blast cells, spiral freezers, IQF and chill tunnels, screw conveyors, contact freezers, scraped surface heat exchangers and the refrigeration for a bevy of specialized equipment.

Our design and drafting capabilities are on par with the largest companies in the industry, in fact, we integrate well with their systems.  We offer 3-D design for Building Information Management systems utilizing REVIT.  We also have the capability to map every ASME code weld on your project in 3-D if needed providing all the information required for any type of weld.  The engineers and draftsmen have worked together many years so your project will get engineered and put down on paper efficiently in less time than the competition.

If you don’t have a preferred engineer for your electrical, steam, process water, heating, cooling, industrial ventilation or specialized system needs, contact us.  Your system will be engineered to operate as needed or we will not take the project.