We consider our construction crews as some of the best in the industry.  Your project will be managed by an team of industry experts in the company and the field supervised by a very experienced foreman or superintendent.  Our construction personnel install the systems as engineered – on time, with quality craftsmanship and safely! Our welders are all ASME code welders tested to our ASME code specifications.  Whether your system is copper, black steel, stainless, HE-PEX or PVC you can bet it will be joined by the most up to date, code compliant methods.   The pipe fitters on your project will have years of industrial and refrigeration piping experience.  After installation, your system will be tested per the ASME and local codes and be problem free for the life of the system. One of the most underrated, least appreciated and yet most important aspects of your whole system is the insulation.  Your insulation system will be applied by our insulating crews that do nothing more than insulate pipe and equipment for a living.  While some companies offer insulation as a side line to the refrigeration (their crews insulate after they have performed their main task on the project), our crews are dedicated to insulating. This is important to know your insulation application is of premium quality to protect the piping system which you have spent much of your capital on.  Proper application of the insulation system will ensure your piping system will last long into the future to prevent your system from prematurely failing due to corrosion. Our field safety record is very good.  Our personnel are all up to date on HAZMAT training, OSHA training, and certified on all equipment they are tasked to operate.  Ask for a current OSHA 300 log and check for yourself.