Our History

The company was founded in 1997 by three individuals who envisioned the need to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction within the industry.  RC&E began as a modest provider of refrigeration engineering and construction services to the food and beverage processing and storage industry.  The company consisted of an engineer, a pipe-fitter, and a welder.  Each man contributed his experience and talent; together they became business savvy partners in RC&E’s start-up.

Initially, the company’s original name was Refrigeration, Construction, & Engineering, Inc. In 2006, the name was changed to RC&E, Inc. The company expanded with various departments and the original founders remained with the company and remained active in the day to day operations. The company has grown to include four project managers and superintendents who would become department heads and shareholders of RC&E.

Their teamwork and dedication paid off and the company has experienced steady growth and added personnel.

Our Story

Currently, RC&E has over 60 employees and has successfully completed hundreds of projects.  We still offer the same refrigeration construction and engineering services and have added a service department, insulation department, parts department and process safety and risk management department.  Our construction and engineering has grown to offer industrial piping including steam, wash down water, process piping, industrial facility energy modeling, industrial insulation, and electrical engineering.  Even though there has been struggles along the way, we have cross trained in our responsibilities and RC&E operates better than ever.

Meet the Team

Russell Munday – President

Bill Ritzer – EVP – Engineering


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